Odessa, Texas:

We conducted an air dispersion modeling study of atmospheric emissions of benzene, styrene, total hydrocarbons, and hydrogen sulfide from sources located within the Odessa Petrochemical Complex.  The facilities within the Complex included a Shell Oil Company refinery, a petrochemical complex operated by Rexene Corporation, and a styrene-butadiene rubber manufacturing plant operated by Dynagen, Inc.

The Odessa Complex may also have emitted air pollutants of a biological nature through the use of treated wastewater in cooling towers.  The City of Odessa operated a sewage treatment plant just south of the petrochemical complex, known as the South Dixie Water Reclamation Treatment Plant.  The City sold effluent from the sewage treatment plant to the Rexene Corporation.  Rexene used part of the sewage treatment plant effluent in its cooling towers, and sold part of the effluent to the Shell refinery for a similar use.

Cooling towers, by the nature of their operation, emit a large amount of water into the atmosphere.  A part of the water emitted from cooling towers takes the form of fine droplets known as drift.  Given that sewage treatment plant effluent was used as the makeup water in the cooling tower systems at Rexene and Shell, it follows that a wide variety of human disease organisms were probably emitted into the atmosphere from those cooling towers.

Legionnaires' disease has been shown to result from exposure to cooling tower emissions in at least three states.  Measles, influenza, tuberculosis, aspergillosis, and asthma are some of the other human diseases associated with exposure to bioaerosols.

Having researched the biological makeup of secondary effluent, we compiled a list of potentially infectious organisms present in the treated wastewater, and human diseases associated with each organism.  Click here to see a list of disease organisms that may be emitted from some of the cooling towers in the Odessa Petrochemical Complex.

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